Graphic design with Community Vision. Our Mission: Community Vision provides services, education, and advocacy to ensure that people with disabilities direct their own lives. We work with our community to foster inclusion, enhance accessibility, and achieve systems change.

Our Annual Event: Party for Possibilities


It's fall, and that means our annual event has returned, and this year it is in person!

Tickets are free this year, and seats are going fast, but there are still a few available. Click here to save your spot today!

Thanks to the many of you that have already RSVP'd. We can't wait to see you there looking your best for our photo booth and joining us on the dance floor! 

Too Many Stories to Choose From

Each month we try to share one story from our Supported Living team with our community. This month there were just too many to choose from! So here are a few highlights!


 MB advocated to staff and their coordinator for guardianship and case management changes.


🏦 RJ was finally able to set up a new bank account! 


🚂 SJ went on a Heritage Train ride.


🍴 RF was set up with new adaptive silverware.


⌚JF bought a new watch to support them with time management.


👯‍♂️DV joined a group called Dorks on Parade, a group for folks diagnosed with autism to plan social events!

CJ's New Job is a Perfect Fit!


        The first thing you notice about CJ is her smile. When I met her at her place of work in the Old Navy fitting room, to ask her a couple of questions about her job, I couldn’t recall the last time I met with someone who was enjoying their job as much as she seemed to.

        She’s the first one to let you know how much she enjoys her job, and she’s a really hard worker. In the few minutes we chatted, each customer that came in to try something on, she greeted with a smile and helped them to the fitting room, and as they left, reminded them to have a spectacular day. Spectacular is one of her favorite words, as it reminds her of her favorite cat.  

        CJ is one of over 85 people that Community Vision has been able to find work through our Employment Connections program. The full-time team of six in  Employment Connections work to connect people with developmental and physical disabilities in and around Portland with meaningful employment that fits their abilities and interests. We work one on one from first meeting them, to participating in the job interviews, and then side by side training for as long as they need to be successful.

        When we first started looking for a job for CJ she shared that she wanted to work somewhere that played really good music, as she loves dancing and good tunes. Old Navy turned out to be an excellent connection, as not only does it play “amazing music” as CJ puts it, but she gets to work hard and interact with people.  

A woman with an assistive walking cane smiling in a fitting room.

        “When we saw how well she did one on one with customers, we knew the fitting room would work for her”, said her manager. “To work with CJ is pretty fun. She has a really great personality; you see it bloom and customers get that one-on-one experience they are looking for. “

        Eventually CJ wants to pick up more hours, and it is her next goal to save up enough money for a full body spa. For now, she seems content to be working hard and making everyone’s day a little bit better.

A Testimonial of Success

A man in an electric wheelchair

        "Hi my name is Chad. I work at Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton. I want to thank the Assistive Technology (AT) Lab and Vocational Rehab for helping me get a communication device. I use sign language but not everyone understands me. At work now, I can use my new communication device. I also want to thank the AT Lab for working with Ryan Farrow at Nike to help advise Nike’s Supported Employment Program. I think more businesses should support employees with disabilities to find work in their companies."

        Chad is one of almost 100 people our Assistive Technology team met with for a consultation last year. After we helped him to figure out which sort of communication device would work best for him, he found that Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation would even pay for it. You can contact the AT Lab to set up your own consultation, along with trainings, free loan closet, or to learn about our work within the community and business partners. 

Our Housing Team is Growing!

         My name is Heidi, and I am the newest member of the Housing Access Team.

        In my new role, I partner with individuals with disabilities, and their families, to find affordable and accessible housing to call home. Taking on some of these responsibilities allows my teammates, Allen and Tova, to dedicate more of their time and talents to advocate for affordable housing and connecting people with disabilities with services and resources in the community.

        Next time you are at the CV office, stop by and say “hi,” we love to talk about housing!

A picture of a woman and her dog

Heidi and her dog Joycie.

Logo for Harvest Century

This year's Harvest Century ride was a success! This past weekend just over 500 riders joined us for the ride in Forest Grove, enjoying the fantastic weather, excellent food and live music that accompanied the ride.  They also all looked great in their biking gear. ; )

We had a blast being apart of the event. Thanks to each one of you who participated and helped us raise over $3000 for our programs! We hope to see many of you again next year!

Two people smiling at the finish line of a race
A field full of tables and people eating and bicycles.
A woman sitting in a booth for Community Vision.
Three women smiling wearing Community Vision shirts.

Community Volunteer Days

Have you seen our video of our Community Volunteer Days yet? Click below to watch and see how you can get involved in the life of someone in your neighborhood!


Community Vision Recognized by Oregon Business

     Our team is so excited to celebrate recognition as a great non-profit to work at. Oregon Business conducted anonymous surveys with our staff and we were graded on categories such as work environment; management and communications; mission and goals; career development and learning; and benefits and compensation. We're so proud to share this award!

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