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What a summer it's been so far!  We've been working to stay cool here at Community Vision, while staying super busy. We are delighted to share some photos this month of some incredible activities we were able to host, as well as some exciting stories of success and perseverance from our programs. We hope you enjoy reading!

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Our Summer BBQ was Smokin'!

After a two-year pause, we were so thrilled to be able to host our annual BBQ and kickball game at Mt. Scott Park once again this year!

This year we opened up the fun not just to staff and folks that we support, but our large family of partners and friends who care about Community Vision. 

We were delighted to see over 100 of your faces in attendance! Thanks to each one of you who shared a meal with us, played some games, and cheered on our kickball teams! It meant to so much to all of us to be together again.

We can't wait to see you all again next year!

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Community Volunteer Days at Community Vision

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This summer, Community Vision hosted a Community Volunteer Day for Tena, one of the awesome people in our Supported Living Program, and we couldn't be more excited about the success of the day.

Tena lives in a lovely condo, which was in need of some basic improvements, including a new back patio, a cleaned-up fence, some weeding, trimming, mowing, and more. 

Our incredible partner, DreamBuilder Custom Homes, was up for the task and joined us for a day of fun, hard work, and lots of laughs.

"There’s nothing like giving. It’s part of what we should do. It’s super important to give back," shared Tim Walker, President at DreamBuilder and volunteer. "I think the benefit is going to be long-lasting, and there might even be a few jealous neighbors."

The Logo for Dreambuilder Custom Homes

Our team is hosting more Volunteer Days! We are currently accepting both groups and individuals looking to give back to their community and improve the homes, and lives, of some of the people we support.

The next Community Volunteer Day will be the week of September 12th.

Reach out to Steve@cvision.org or fill out this interest form for more info!

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Owen's New Job is a Slam Dunk!


Our employment team connected with Owen this May. He immediately expressed an interest in sports: soccer, baseball, football, and of course, basketball. He wanted to work at an active place and we found a great fit for him at Beaverton Hoop at the YMCA. He is so excited to have his first job, where he currently works one day a week. Each shift he is provided a list with a variety of tasks that need to be done including sweeping the courts, sanitizing tables and mirrors, and washing and drying the towels.

He is a reliable and hard worker and once he is shown a task is very persistent in wanting to do it correctly himself. “I admire that a lot about him,” says Brandon Jones, Employment Connections Manager at Community Vision, “at the end of the day, no task is too big for him.” Owen’s Job Coach, Hallie, worked with him to break each task down into a series of tasks, which he can understand and complete at his own pace. "Owen has a great personality, he's super sweet and really fun to work with," says Hallie. And, if Owen completes all his tasks early, he gets to shoot some hoops before he leaves, a major work perk!

“Owen is passionate about his job. It seems to provide him fulfillment with things outside of his house. He really looks forward to coming to work every week,” says Brandon.

Owen sitting next to basketball superstar Damien Lillard

Owen recently met his favorite Blazers player, Damian Lillard, while he holding a camp at Beaverton Hoop.

James Rosato, Member Engagement Associate at The Hoop shared, "I really like working with Owen, he's always on time and does everything asked of him. Owen has a really positive attitude and has been a great addition to our team.”

We are thrilled to have found such a great fit for Owen and Beaverton Hoop. We look forward to seeing Owen thrive, grow, and add value to the team!

Early AT Adoption Sets Children up for Success!

a mother smiling at their young toddler child


The AT Lab has been working closely with a little boy, Corbett, and his family, private therapists, and school-based early intervention. Our Director and Assistant Director, Carrie and Noelle, are helping Corbett, his family, and his school team learn to use a new method to communicate.

Corbett is now able to use Auditory Scanning to say what he is thinking. Here he is learning to use a switch under his chin that his mom is holding!

Living In Her Car A Thing of the Past

Around the time our team began working with Denise this April, she and her partner were living in their car. They were on several waitlists for affordable housing, but many of these lists can take months or years for units to become available. After several attempts, this past month our team was lucky enough to find two spots with immediate openings and we quickly encouraged Denise to apply. Denise and her partner didn’t have any funds to pay for the application fee, but amazingly the property was having a special where the application fee was waved.

Denise and Julius immediately took public transportation out to the apartment that afternoon, applied to the unit, and the manager expedited the screening process and they were approved within a couple of hours! She worked over the weekend so that she could get them the keys that Saturday, and they spent their first night in their new apartment. We were also lucky enough to snag a last-minute canceled appointment at Community Warehouse, a local non-profit that offers free and subsidized furniture to people in need, so that Monday we got furniture and household goods to furnish their new place.

Two people, an older man and woman, sitting at a table

In a matter of three days, Denise and Julius went from sleeping in their car with no real home prospects in sight, to living in their new apartment! Best of all, Denise and Julius have been receiving services from JOIN for years, and their case manager was able to enroll them in the Move-In Multnomah program, which will pay for their rent for an entire year, and covered their security deposit and Community Warehouse fee.

Logo for Harvest Century

The Harvest Century Ride is back this year! The team is still looking for more riders to make the event a success.

As always, a portion of each registration goes to support Community Vision! 

Read more or sign up today!


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